This picture depicts a busy main street of an Appalachian town. The view is focused down the road, which is lined with local businesses. Parked cars line the entirety of the road, and the road ends at a forked turn with even more local businesses at the end. The location is evocative of other nostalgic and idealistic portrayals of buzzing 1950s and 1960s main streets. This particular image, though, is further painted by the context of being in Appalachia, as scenes like this are typically associated with dense, urban coastal cities. The archetypal imagining of Appalachian communities to most are rural, isolated communities of a couple of homes at most, with little infrastructure or surrounding businesses. While that is perhaps more common, this bustling street disputes the norm and shows that the Appalachian region has more variety than commonly perceived. Above is a mountain looming large over the entire town that explicates this contrast. Although the two focuses of the photo seem like they should be dissonant, in the Appalachian context, they enhance the nostalgia and sense of home. Even in their more dense communities, the Appalachian region is always intentional in living in harmony with the natural beauty of the mountains characteristic of their home.